Cleaning Maintenance Of Countertops

Generally, tiles are considered the most preferred countertops flooring in houses because of their sleek appearance, longevity, and ease of maintenance. They make your decor look poised because of the shine and glaze they possess. But, they do build a layer of dirt and grime that can discolor, give stain and distract from the beautiful ambiance, and daily chores cleaning activities like sweeping and mopping are not enough to keep the tiles sparkling and it requires a little extra care.

Ceramic is the most versatile and popular option, forgoing ahead one should know tricks and tips to keep the glam and pristine on. Firstly, check your cleaning product in an inconspicuous area to ensure that it doesn’t damage the surface. Clean up spills immediately to avoid discoloration of the tile. Ensure to vacuum and sweep regularly to remove dust and debris, weekly cleaning should be done with a natural Ph cleaner that does not contain Ammonia, Acid, or bleach.

Avoid using strong chemicals like bleach or other cleaners with harsh chemicals because it could damages the sealant on the slab. Be sure to wipe up wet spills to prevent limescale from forming with water and a mild detergent or a spray and wipe-type cleaner on a soft cloth or non-abrasive

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Grouts can get dirty and kill the ambiance of the arena, so it’s important to stay on top of cleaning to keep our surfaces sparkling. Cleaning and maintaining grouts can spruce up any surface.

kitchen and bathroom countertops
kitchen and bathroom countertops
  1. Avoid using harsh cleaners on grout as it can end up disintegrating.
  2. Scrub dirty grout using basic items like pencil rubber and sandpaper or an abrasive tool.
  3. Wash away the grout by applying a paste of baking soda and water using a toothbrush.
  4. For grime on white grout, use warm water or mild soaps or for tough stains, use bleach and water.

Use hot water to remove stains from colored grout.

kitchen countertops
kitchen countertops

Stains can make a surface look shabby, so it’s of utmost importance to remove stains for that perfect poised and sleek arena. One can remove those using conventional methods of using a mild detergent and hot water on soft fabric. For a larger area, clean it in circular motions. For different kinds of stains, we need to use different solutions.

1. Acid solutions are used for stains caused by limescale, carbon, cement, rust, chalk, coffee, etc.
2. Solvent solutions are used for stains from suction cups, tar, ink, and chewing gum, etc.
3. Alkaline solutions are used for satins from wine, coffee, fat, tire marks, lipstick, etc.
Hope this helps you in your day-to-day cleaning and maintenance, keeping your décor on point