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Driven by innovation, backed by leading-edge technology and professional expertise, Lioli has emerged as a leading porcelain tile company in India, with worldwide reach. In the short span of mere 4 years, we have become one of the most trusted porcelain slab manufacturing brand in the world - by offering quality products and impeccable customer service to clients and channel partners around the world.

With our dynamic capability to render amazing slab solutions with world-class technology and unmatched proficiency, Lioli is a pioneer porcelain slab tiles manufacturer of 1600*3200mm size slabs in India. Inspired by the spectacles of nature, we offer better alternatives to marble slabs by combining design and excellent craftsmanship.

With a production capacity of 13000 sq. meters per day, we are a globally recognized slab tile manufacturing company based in Morbi, that has set a benchmark in the slab industry with unparalleled porcelain slabs - from traditional to modern applications in architecture, furnishing, and design. Lioli is the answer to all your architectural requirements.

“We offer state-of-the-art porcelain slabs designed to add a majestic touch to any space.”

Lioli Factory


By harnessing our technological prowess and skilful capabilities, Lioli has arisen as a certified quality slab tiles manufacturer in India. Since the company’s inception, our team is constantly evolving to offer superior-grade tile solutions that appeal to our diverse client base worldwide.

Lioli is creating a strong business presence through the blooming trends in the tile industry with an innovative approach. As the visionary leader in India, we aspire to be a global trendsetter in terms of porcelain slabs and the largest format porcelain tile company. Our core philosophy to create a strong brand identity is based on- creativity, innovation, and excellence.

With our innovative approach, Lioli is creating a strong business presence in the tile industry.


Lioli has been established with the firm values at the company’s heart- integrity, honesty, dedication to delivering the best porcelain slabs to the customers. We are more than just a porcelain tile company, we are your partners with a set standard in providing unmatchable tiling solutions. Thanks to in-depth research, the highest quality materials, and progressive technology, Lioli has become a trustworthy porcelain tile brand, helping you create unique dimensions for your space.

As a prominent porcelain slabs company, we strive to address every issue of our clients. Our customized solutions and quick response to specific requirements make us your reliable partners as dynamic slab manufacturers. Our passion, hard work, and commitment have made us a reliable tile company for your architectural needs!

Lioli Factory


The construction of the identity of LIOLI represents a natural and essential evolution for our firm, one that will help us meet the competition and continue as an unrivaled industry leader.

We strive to create an identity that can be globally recognized in terms of the current ongoing market trends. We are ace players to bring out the best and freshest ceramics to the market.


Especially today customer's are looking first and foremost for a partner. Someone they can trust. Someone who has the intelligence and resources to deliver, who is committed to them for the long term and who has interests at heart.

Customers expect a lot from a trusted partner. They want the most talented minds to address their strategic needs. They want and need a partner with a fortress balance sheet. But beyond that, they demand a firm that consistently holds itself to the highest ethical standards and that stays singularly focused on supporting the customer's objective.





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OUR VALUES Lioli Design

With more than 450+ employees, we are a leading-edge porcelain tile manufacturing company that cherishes integrity, respect, creativity, innovation, and professionalism. These values are inspired by our vision to develop and deliver outstanding tiling solutions for our clients. At Lioli, our people are the driving force of the business. We are stronger when together and we know that. Hence we constantly empower each other to serve our customers, partners, and community in the best way possible. We are a company of brave enthusiasts who are eager to do things uniquely.

Lioli Integration

We say what we do and we do what we say. Integrity stands at the heart of what we do. By treating everyone equally, we have open and honest communication. Our every action is united with fairness and respect for clients and colleagues too. We believe in providing the best tiling solutions- together.

Lioli Project Management

Innovation leads to action. Our company constantly strives to exceed the set limits through new ideas, its application, and learning from mistakes. Our curiosity and dedication to creating better solutions lead us to generate new tiling solutions and set new benchmarks within the company as well as in the whole tile industry.

Lioli Family

Lioli consists of experienced professionals who hold the highest standards of professionalism in all roles and areas of specialization. We take our work seriously! By constantly evolving and upgrading our skills, we respond to the changing world by going the extra mile to get the desired results. Our teamwork and innovative excellence make us apart from others.

LIOLI'S MILESTONE lioli design

Lioli milestone

2016, October

Company Registration

2016, December

Construction Started

2018, MARCH

Kiln Ignited

Lioli design

2018, May

World's Biggest And India's 1st 1600x3200mm Tile Produced

2019, September

India's 1st 3mm Tile Produced

2020, February

Caesarstone Lioli Joint Venture


Lioli offers a wide spectrum of impeccable lifestyle solutions, including wall and floor slabs for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. We have something for everyone! Enlightened by nature, our collection includes pretty much all the slab solutions, from glossy to High Glossy and Matt to Structure. Made from the finest materials, transform your place into an artistic space with our exclusive collections- stone, marble, terrazzo, meek, onyx, and much more. Go ahead, have a look!

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