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1200*2400mm - FLOORING AND WALLS

Lioli Ceramica offers an extensive range of 1200*2400mm porcelain floor and wall slab tiles using cutting-edge technology making them strong, durable, and easy to maintain with stunning and elegant designs. Whether you are renovating your house or office, ideal floor or wall tiles strengthen the theme of your space. Lioli, porcelain tiles manufacturers in India have numerous types of design and colour schemes in 1200*2400mm size that are perfect for hotels, residential and offices or Any other place you can think of. Lustrous, Rustic Matt, Orgatech and Structure finishes are some of the popular tiles available at Lioli.

Perfect Combination Of Aesthetic And Classy

Lioli is the leading porcelain tile manufacturing company in Morbi, with a range of collections that are tailored to meet individual requirements. All the slab tiles are made of high-quality material and are available in different colours and textures. Decorate your space with the right tiles that suit your style. Floor tiles add elegance to your space whereas wall tiles strengthen the look of the entire space. Our extensive collection of Lustrous, Rustic Matt, Orgatech and Structure finishes are the go-to choice of designers and architects in terms of of both design and functionality.



  • Lustrous finish tiles have a glossy and shiny surface that makes an ideal option for floor and wall. Want your space bright and shiny? Lioli has various patterns and shades from rare italian marbles to old and gold aesthetic designs with a glossy and reflective surface that can brighten your space.

Rustic Matt

  • The anti-slippery feature makes these tiles the most suitable for wet places and homes with children and pets. Design your space into a natural, traditional or unfinished look with our range of colours and designs in a rustic matt finish that gives you a warm feeling.


  • Make your living room a cozy or refreshment space to create endless memories. Something that is different than the usual. Lioli has an amazing collection of orgatech finishes that blends with any space, style and decor.


  • Design your office into modern look that keep you and your team productive, motivated and inspired every day. Lioli’s structure tiles series are made of the best quality of porcelain that is more durable and long-lasting with an elegant look. It can be used as wall tiles because of their pattern and you can use them as floor tiles as they are anti-slippery and generally found around a swimming pool. Whether you’re looking for tiles for home, Kitchen, hotel or workplace, Lioli, porcelain slab manufacturers in India offer tiles that have unique shine and gloss which remain beautiful for years, with less maintenance. Our exhaustive floor and wall tiles collection are available in different thicknesses of 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and they can be used in multiple places such as the living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, balcony, terrace and parking space.
Line Image Lioli Ceramica



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